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The (Not So) Gruesome Discovery in the Yard – a short work of fiction

It was hot and humid but a nice breeze was the deciding factor on whether to work on the yard or not. She hacked and slashed at bamboo, swamp maples, and vines; yanked the nightshade by the roots and raked … Continue reading

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The Importance of Doing No Thing

Many many moons ago, my aunt and I went on a retreat located on beautiful Lake Champlain (on the Vermont side).  The purpose was to get away – to shut off the phones and computers – to remove ourselves from the every … Continue reading

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War on Bamboo: Whoopsie! For Safety’s Sake – Look Where You’re Going!

We make a safety mistake.  It inevitably comes out of our mouth: a curse, a string of indecipherable consonants that leaves one’s ears ringing… maybe a “whoopsie!” – or even worse:  “Honey, I think I need to go to the … Continue reading

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Sharing: This week in the Garden

I came upon the blog: Railway Parade Home and Garden Please take the time to visit and see some amazing photos of their garden. I wish I had the patience to nurture and grow flowers!  Enjoy!

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Treating the Bamboo Invasion

Treating the Bamboo Invasion is an easy task. It’s keeping up that’s challenging. Continue reading

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Keeping Busy by Killing Stuff

It’s a colossal Good v. Evil fight. Little ol’ me against the weeds, bamboo and thorny vines. Whatever you do – don’t bet against me. Continue reading

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Evaluating & Setting Major Project Priorities

We’ve moved in. Now what? It’s time to look around and see what needs to be done. What’s high or low on my priority list? Read to find out. Continue reading

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