Keeping Busy by Killing Stuff


Not so pretty once they’ve taken over the yard! It’s time to turn into a killing machine.

I simply love killing stuff.  

I am fast becoming a serial killer of weeds, bamboo and really nasty vines.

Who doesn’t love a Good vs. Evil story, right?

Indeed, venturing into the yard with the intention of defeating invasive and destructive species keeps me stress free.  Kill ’em.  Kill ’em all!  (insert maniacal, evil laugh)

With the property being about a half acre, it’s enough to keep me busy for a few cool hours in the morning and then again before sundown.  I’m a Northeast/New England transplant, so working in subtropical temperatures in the spring is ridiculous and simultaneously delightful to me.

Ix-nay the emicals – ‘k?
I do not like harsh chemicals!  I simply don’t.
I do not want to harm the plant and local wildlife with herbicides because I do not know the long-term effects.  If I’m spraying or spreading herbicides then it is on the ground and will eventually get into my water source.  From there, the chemicals will be sucked up by my fruits and veggies, and eventually ingested by me and my loved ones.  I’ve also got pets to consider.

Let me share a tidbit I found about RoundUp ®.  It’s a trade name used by Monsanto and uses glyphosate.


See that mess on the right?  There’s an orange tree in there.   Somewhere.

According to an information sheet released by National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) in cooperation with Oregon State University, glyphosate is a “non-selective herbicide.”  In layman’s terms:  All plants may be compromised.

Do I really want to poison my food and environment – oh yeah  – and incidentally my family?  No, thank you.

Besides, a little effort goes a long way to making your yard open and beautiful.

In the week that I’ve been in my new home, I’ve been busy killing bamboo, fought off a mean variation of greebriar and yanked weeds by their roots – all which were choking my fruit trees.  The results are amazing.  The trees seemingly sprang back to life virtually overnight.


The greenbriars have literally choked the life out of this corner. Now it’s time to take it back.

I’ve also been aggressively pruning the loquat tree, sawed through some of the low-hanging dead palms, trimmed the dead branches off the orange tree, and rescued my peach tree from slow suffocation.

BONUS:  Killing stuff in the yard is free.  That’s right!  Pulling weeds, hacking oppressive vines, and chopping down bamboo costs nothing but time and energy.

You may already have these tools in your shed:

  • Work gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Pruning shears
  • Loppers
  • Maybe a pruning saw
  • Some sweat equity and determination

One aside about greenbriars.  They totally suck.  I need to buy leather or heavy duty gloves because those suckers have thorns!  And they’re not the *poke* – Ha ha, I gotcha kind.  They’re the *oh, how cute – she’s wearing gloves.  Let’s tear her up kind.

Good will prevail so please lay off the chemicals if you can help it!

Share your yard and garden or home improvement experiences.  We’d love to hear them.

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