Sharing: This week in the Garden

I came upon the blog: Railway Parade Home and Garden

Please take the time to visit and see some amazing photos of their garden.
I wish I had the patience to nurture and grow flowers!  Enjoy!

Railway Parade House and Garden

In a word: changeable!

A day of searing heat of 30°C/86°F gave way to some pretty dramatic storm clouds as a cold change blew in:

IMG_1292 Lightning dramatically illuminates the inside of storm clouds

The lightning for this storm seemed to stay within the clouds, occasionally arcing between the towering cumulonimbus clouds and sucking in bands of fog from the coast but seldom striking the ground.

After the change, the following day reached just 9°C/49°F!

Late into the growing season most summer perennials start to look bedraggled; many autumn flowering plants are only just coming into flower and the deciduous trees haven’t really started to change hue.

In such a transitional time, there is often little available for wildlife to feed. I’ve tried to incorporate as many plants as possible that flower between March and May to keep not only the visual interest but also keep something for wildlife.

The Callistemon viminalis (which always struggles with the cold) has put on some new flowers which have…

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