The (Not So) Gruesome Discovery in the Yard – a short work of fiction

It was hot and humid but a nice breeze was the deciding factor on whether to work on the yard or not.

She hacked and slashed at bamboo, swamp maples, and vines; yanked the nightshade by the roots and raked away the area to see how much she’d accomplished.

Out of the corner of her eye she spied something red poking from the ground.  Certainly it didn’t belong in the lush greenery and sandy soil.  Poking around, she uncovered something that did not belong…

IMG_1164The remains of a plastic toy Craftsman chain saw.

How curious, she thought, quickly dismissing the find to continue her ministrations.

As she tugged and pulled at the weeds, from seemingly nowhere, a sneaker becomes dislodged from its shallow bed.  One DC skate shoe to be exact!  From experience she knows these aren’t blue light specials.  Someone invested a little bank to sheathe a little person’s foot in it.  Slightly gnawed and roughed up by weather, she wonders how a child might explain losing one shoe in the back yard?


Another shrug and casual dismissal, she tossed the shoe into the brush pile to be sorted out later and continued on.  And that’s when she saw it…

To her dismay, she discovered a small hand protruding from a shallow unmarked grave.  With much trepidation and a wee bit of curiosity, she dug further and…


Oh!  THE HORROR!  The poor naked barbie doll – lifeless…  headless.

It didn’t take long to formulate what might have happened.

The poor doll was just traipsing through the yard when some psycho with a chainsaw gave chase.  Panicked to get away, she tripped on the low-lying vines and lost her sneaker.  Perhaps a struggle ensued but the end result was a shallow grave.

Oh, the poor dear!  How long has a child missed her favorite toy?  What kind of turmoil did the family go through searching for this doll?

And as sad as it was to find naked, headless barbie – perhaps the most distressing of all was…


Poor, poor Donatello (for all you slackers, he’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!) – perhaps another victim of the chainsaw killer?  Did he happen upon the crime in process?  Was he a witness to the barbie’s demise before he met his own?

Ay, Caramba!  

Venturing further she spies some tools which may have evidence of foul play…or not.  Certainly they tie well into the horrific scene – a shovel and some kind of McGyver’d spade.


Perhaps the most disturbing thing, in combination of all these finds was the deep, dark tunnel that leads into…?


Whatever dug that is probably not a friend and she backs away carefully in hopes she doesn’t disturb the beast within.

The End.

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2 Responses to The (Not So) Gruesome Discovery in the Yard – a short work of fiction

  1. Angie says:

    Apparently, the prior owner was beginning to tackle the yard as well, removing vines and nightshade, digger in hand. Their children were watching them, toys in hand, when the vines encircled their ankles, entwining their victims until they were covered. After pulling them all into the soil, the nightshade fanning itself around the area, leaving its appearance apparently undisturbed.

    All remained quiet, until one day, a woman arrived with her work gloves on and determination in her eyes. She was ready to begin tackling the unruly vines she found waiting for her in the yard she’d just bought. Little did she know that they were waiting for her, too…

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